Background and history

INFORMA was created in August 1997. INFORMA is a société à responsabilité limité registered in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. We are a small company providing consultancy services in the following domains: the production of statistical analysis (paper, CD-ROM, internet) and database design and management.

In 1997 in partnership with another company, we were awarded our first contract from the European Commission.Since then, we have been awarded more contracts in a wide range of statistical areas; these cover work on database design and management, methodological analysis and assistance, and the creation of a large number of paper and electronic publications, including statistical compendiums such as the Eurostat Yearbook. We have also provided technical assistance to a large number of EU Member States, candidate countries and non-member countries.

INFORMA: specialists in statistical consulting, database processing and publishing technologies within the field of European statistics.

The areas of particular interest to INFORMA are the following domains:

Vision and code of conduct

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of INFORMA, in August 2012 we reworked our goals, objectives and internal rules concerning internal practices and produced a revised vision and internal code of conduct.

An extract of the vision is provided below.

A vision for professional excellence

INFORMA’s reputation with its clients encompasses both what we offer in terms of our input and what we achieve. INFORMA offers:

  • vast experience and integrated skills = our knowledge
  • willingness to ‘go the extra mile (or kilometre)’ to produce high quality products;
  • flexibility.

This results in services provided by INFORMA:

  • that surpass customer expectations;
  • on or ahead of deadlines.

This reputation has been built and is maintained through the combined efforts of our qualified, experienced and motivated, personnel, implementing our core principles.

By blending our complementary skills, implementing our principles and working hard we aim to maintain and enhance our reputation for professional excellence.

Environmental management policy

We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. We continually assess our impact on the environment and target ongoing improvement with respect to purchasing decisions, business operations, waste treatment and travel. We maintain awareness of environmental issues among members of our team; we encourage customers and suppliers to do the same. We comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Our environmental management goals

  • Reduce impact of purchase decisions.
  • Minimise consumption of resources.
  • Minimise waste and process it correctly.
  • Minimise toxic emissions and energy consumption for travel, to and from work, and during working time.